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Our Story

Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that make us feel the most alive...Catching sight of a rainbow on your way home from work, feeling a cool breeze on a hot Summer day, the aroma of new Spring air wafting your way. It's the moments that we truly connect with Nature that spark something deep inside us.

My name is Jenn, and aside from being a mother and wife, I'm an artist at heart with an entrepreneur spirit and an immense adoration for Nature. I find that it is so important to enjoy all the little moments in life that make you FEEL GOOD! I have combined my passions for creating beautiful things, connecting to the Earth, and my love of all things that SMELL GOOD into a business...a line of soaps and bathing goods that smell AMAZING. 

Our mission is to provide YOU with the absolute BEST products that you have ever tried, while remaining constantly conscious of our products' impact on the environment. I've hand curated every scent blend that goes into our products myself, one oil at a time, with the intention to create a moment between you and Mother Earth.

Our hope is that when you use one of our handmade products that you will not only enjoy the feeling of the product on your skin, but breathe in the magical aromas and allow them to transport your senses. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy any and every product of ours that you try, it's our way of spreading love, hope, peace, good vibes, and HAPPY SKIN with the world!

Love & Light,

Jennifer Yeager