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About The Soap

Our base soap recipe is LOADED with some of the most moisturizing ingredients that our Mother Earth has to offer. We start with 30% olive oil and add in a HUGE block of pure Shea Butter! Coconut Oil comes in with his friend, Castor Oil to help give the soap LOTS of vivacious, creaming, bubbly lather. Last but certainly not least, we go the extra mile for your skin and add a big ol' chunk of pure Cocoa Butter! 

We then stir in one of our in-house fragrance blends and a few splashes of color!

These luxurious ingredients are blended to create a bar of soap that lathers like a dream and rinses clean away. Your skin will feel refreshed, vibrant and clean as a whistle without any drying or tightness, not to mention smell AMAZING.

We make our soap utilizing the ancient technique known today as “cold process”. We also incorporate a high “superfat”, meaning more of the gorgeous oils and butters, such as Shea Butter and Olive Oil, are left behind to nourish your skin. 

Each batch is hand stirred, swirled and poured into our custom made, reclaimed wood molds and left to cure for a full 6 weeks.

Only the BEST ingredients and vibes make their way into our botanical kitchen, so you can be confident knowing that every single one of our products is made from scratch with love, care and positive energy! 

**How to care for your handmade soap**

To get the longest life from your soap, please keep the bar out of direct streams or pools of water and allow the soap to dry between uses. We recommend using a soap dish that allows excess water to drain away from the soap. Store any bars that won’t be making their way to your shower quite yet in a dark and cool location that is away from humidity. This will preserve the natural essential oil aroma for much longer and keep your soaps in pristine condition.

This soap will not stain skin, but the mineral pigments and herbal colorants may discolor a white wash-cloth. Discoloring will come out in wash.